Our life in Urumqi

It’s a simple enough plan, the one we have. Finish working here in the wild north of China, sometime towards the end of the year. Then, go from China’s second most sensitive region (Xinjiang) to the most sensitive region (Tibet). We’re hoping to get there by a little known and little used road that has the charming distinction of being one of the highest in the world.

Once there, manage to keep myself and Ian, who is interested in Tibetan history, culture and the language, from saying or doing anything dumb enough to get arrested/deported for a few weeks while we travel Tibet (this is something that can only be done as part of a tour, unfortunately). Then travel overland to Nepal, where he’ll go wandering in the mountains for a month or so while I chill out.

All of this is to be done in winter, in one of the coldest regions of the world, in a place where mountain passes are frequently closed.

From Nepal, it will be time to test our wide-eyed-tourist faces on India, where we’ll be volunteering for, hopefully, up to six months… somewhere.

Then, assuming we still have a few pennies/cents/quai/rupees to our name to get us out of there, we’ll go … somewhere… in Asia, to teach for six months and make a whole lot more money. Then, we’ll go to Australia.

Simple. What could possibly go wrong?

So, um, if anyone has any advice or suggestions for any of this part of the trip, please do let me know. We might need them!

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