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Blissful peace and quiet… sort of!

As all the world knows (or ought to, or will very soon) the mainland Chinese LOOOOOVE their mobile phones. They also love shouting. And chicken feet, but that’s a different post.

But surely, at one of Xinjiang’s most beautiful places; a fairyland lake of sapphire blue water surrounded by emerald hills, watched over by spectacular snowy peaks; an alpine region that earns complimentary comparisons to the European alps; a place totally, amazingly different to the hundreds of kilometres of red-rock deserts that surrounds it; surely, surely they’d just shut up and drink in the views.

Right? Right? Ummmmmmm, nope.


Kashgar, Tibet, Nepal, India…

It’s a simple enough plan, the one we have. Finish working here in the wild north of China, sometime towards the end of the year. Then, go from China’s second most sensitive region (Xinjiang) to the most sensitive region (Tibet). We’re hoping to get there by a little known and little used road that has the charming distinction of being one of the highest in the world.



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What do you call an Aussie, an American and a Scot in the desert… er, you call that the entire teaching staff at my school. And the entire teaching staff at my school decided to take a weekend jaunt  a week ago, to one of the most enjoyable places I’ve been.